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FinPro, Inc. is a service management consulting firm providing advisory services to the financial institutions industry.

Finpro has credited issues and terrible customer service, Chimmy365 wrote a review at

"Finpro merged with Coinexx with any prior warning to clients. That being said, I made a deposit on the 21st of December and it is the 1st of January and my account hasn't been credited. Raise this issue with several customer care personnel but nobody seemed to genuinely care about my case. Seriously thinking of leaving this broker as the trust I had for them is lost."


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Former Employee - Senior Financial Analyst says

"I worked at FinPro (NJ) full-time Cons: Where to start. This place is an absolute hot mess and that is putting it nicely. Get ready to be under appreciated, demoralized, overworked and given no sense purpose in life after working here. FinPro is like a wood chipper. Throw in good motivated people and shred them into absolute shreds. Why? Because much of the legacy management think they are god. They’re not. My advice, stay far far away."

Former Employee - Senior Financial Associate says

"I worked at FinPro (NJ) full-time for more than a year Cons: working with the kind of people who wear a tom brady jersey and slippers to a bar. the ten commandments. the winters in buffalo."

Former Employee - Financial Analyst says

"I worked at FinPro (NJ) full-time Cons: After reading the post on here from Management, I feel the need to clarify some things: 1. The only positive post on here previously referred to former employees as "sub par" - despite the fact that the 15 people who have quit over the last few years were prized employees before quitting (yes, this is a ~25 person company). No company can afford to carry dead weight - however, dead weight doesn't quit, right? It needs to be made clear that the majority of those who have left have quit, only a small percent were actually fired (and even those were only a matter of time). 2. Turnover has not slowed down over the past 12-18 months (it actually increased), so I'm not sure what "steps have been taken" to improve culture. 3. Working late nights and weekends is expected during "busy" season (which is the first 2.5 months of every quarter). It is true that if you need to leave on time (at 5), you can put it on the calendar a month in advance and you have a pretty good chance of it being honored. I could go on and on and list the cons - but I think the fact that over half the company is in constant rollover is explanation enough."

Former Employee - Senior Financial Analyst says

"I worked at FinPro (NJ) full-time for more than a year Cons: Prepare to dedicate your lift to shifting priorities. The first commandment of FinPro (and I'm serious when writing this. They have the Ten Commandments of FinPro hanging throughout the building) is "FinPro First". Management thought this commandment would inspire their continuously overturning labor. It has not, and never will. Had something going on at 7pm on Wednesday night? Expect no one to care unless you've put it on the calendar three weeks prior. You'll be working until 9pm that night to re-run the same quarterly report in a different scenario because "why the hell not?" One of the worst problems FinPro faces is the constant turnover.Besides the "regulars" (a core group of seven people), the workforce is a revolving door. People come in, collect their bonus at the end of the year and run away as fast as possible. Another issue is the lack of foresight the management team has. Everything is reactive. Not something you want from a consulting company, who advises on multiple community bank board of directors. The last con I will talk about today is the lack of career development employees receive. For the first 1-2 years, you are a glorified machine. You are expected to crank out quarterly reports in two days, pressing buttons and copying information from one spreadsheet to another. With so much production, you will not have time to learn what it is you are actually doing. So after taking this job, you are now two years behind in career development, compared to people pursue real careers after college."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The organization's management has recently shifted to 85% family. There is no room for outside individuals to succeed. Cons: horrible culture, no ability to succeed"

Financial Analyst (Current Employee) says

"A typical day could be an array of job responsibilities that an analyst may or may not have any experience in. Management expects a lot from the analysts which takes away from teaching the ropes of consulting. The culture is trying to improve but it is as if for every step forward the company takes 5 steps backwards."

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